Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Scissor Sharpening Services

Hi Quilters!!
 We have a scissor sharpener expert on staff to sharpen scissors used for fabric, kitchen and household use. By utilizing the Twice As Sharp Sharpening System. This system allows us to get your scissors razor sharp with limited loss of metal.

 We are unable to sharpen high-end barber, salon, convex shears 
These shears require a specialized sharpening system that we do not have at this time.

Call us at 208-983-0254 or email us at   
Kids Craft Scissors $1.25
Small Scissors, Embroidery (no-curved) $3.00
Fabric & Upholstery Shears $7.00
Pinking & Scalloped Shears $8.00
Industrial Shears, Tailor $8.00
Kitchen & Paper Shears $4.00
Knife Edge Shears $8.00
Specialty Shears (Carpet, Bandage etc.) $7.00
Electrician Shears $8.00

We will see you soon!
From our laps to yours,
Jody and her peeps at Home Grown Quilts
208-983-0254 : 208-743-0503

  P.S. Don't forget our amazing sales on the Epic and Jade sewing machines, going on now through July 31st!



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