What is our Cancellation Policy ?– PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
Cancellation Policy

  • We make the commitment to students to bring you lots of fun and attention.
  • We ask you to look at your calendar carefully before you register for a class.
  • Class times are subject to change per student request and our discretion.
  • We have limits for each class to give you the best attention.
  • Cancellations:
  • We will cancel the class 3 days before class if we don’t reach our minimum of students. At that time, we will call you and refund your fees or apply them to the next session. If you need to cancel you must call us 7 days prior to the first class. This may give us time to fill your space and not let the other students down by having to cancel the class. If the weather is very bad we will postpone a class 4 hours before its start. Please call us to check the status.
  • Missed a Class?
  • We will not be offering makeup classes. Please try to participate in all classes. We are here for your pleasure and learning opportunities.