Show and Tell!

If you would like to post a finished project that you are proud of, we'd love to host it here on our new show and tell page!

There are two ways to get your show and tell up here:

1) E-mail with your picture, name, and project description and we'll put it up!

2) Tag us on FB with your project picture and we'll put it up on the blog. :)

or (this is our favorite option)
3) Stop on by Home Grown Quilts with your project in hand, and we'll take a picture of you with your project!

 Janet Dickson.  She made a quilt using a Martingale book.  By displaying her quilt at Home Grown Quilts for 30 days, she earns 2 FREE Martingale books!

Mary Beth made this gorgeous show shirt out of Batiks that she purchased from the Palouse quilt show. Beautiful work!

Judy Jeffery made this adorable 'Apple Pie' Quilt- Featuring Riley Blake Fabrics at one of our classes. Adorable!

DeAnn made this beautiful Yo-Yo quilt!  It's a 52" X 52" throw quilt.
It was quilted by Home Grown Quilts in the Chantilly lace pattern.

Lenore made this gorgeous strip quilt. Love the colors!
Quilted by Home Grown Quilts
Molly is taking an on-line international quilting class for school. We're so proud of her project! It turned out wonderfully! 

This is Marie's first sewing project!
Congrats Marie, we hope you caught 'the quilting bug'. It looks amazing!

 Joan bought this fabric at the Moscow Quilt show and brought it down to show it to us while we were at the Clarkston Quilt show! We love it! Thanks Joan for traveling down to show us your quilt :)

Lezlie made this pretty table topper.  Great job Lezlie!

This one is Extra special..... my daughter, Leah made this way cute apron...
(It'll be a shop sample! Come and get the fabric and pattern if you want one too. :D) 


Holly sent us a picture of one of our apron panels in good use. We love everything about this photo- especially the whipped cream on his head :)