Quilting Services

Home Grown Quilts
A full service quilting and fabric shop

We are pleased to offer:
·         Quick turn around
·         Stippling, edge to edge, meander and customized quilting to enhance your quilt top

Featuring an APQS Millenium Long Arm Quilting Machine.

Mail orders are welcome, return postage paid by Home Grown Quilts!

Basic Edge to Edge:                     $.15 Per Sq “
Edge to Edge With Borders:   $.17Per Sq “    
Custom Quilting:                         $.20 Per Sq “

Estimated quilting prices:Crib/Baby size:
(Average Size) 36" X 60" 2160 sq inches  
Approx Quilting Cost: 
Basic: $32
Basic w/Borders $36
Custom: $54

Twin Size:
(Average Size) 69" X 90" 6210 sq inches
Approx Quilting Cost: 
Basic: $93
Basic w/Borders $105
Custom $ 155

Full Size: 
(Average Size) 84"X 90"  7560 sq inches
Basic: $ 113
Basic w/Borders $128
Custom: $151

Queen Size: 
(Average Size) 90" X 95" 8550 sq inches
Basic: $128
Basic w/Borders $145
Custom: $171

King Size: 
(Average Size) 106" X 98" 10388 sq inches
Basic: $155

Basic w/ Borders: $176
Custom: $207

We offer several binding services if you provide binding in a "ready to use condition":
            $.010 Per Lineal Inch
(Machine Stitching of double binding to front of quilt w/mitered corners)

            $0.15 Per Lineal Inch
(Hand Stitching of binding to back of quilt)

Batting available:
·         Hobbs 80/20
·         Warm and Natural 100% cotton